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A leading US based Law company who helps customers quickly and affordably create their estate plans. Using expert technology awarded by the American Bar Associations*. Before it, individuals were either spending countless resources to develop their estate planning documents or not completing their documents at all. The client believes that everyone should have access to complete the basic estate planning documents.


Client required a system where they can allow agents of different partners to access the system according to their plan. They can manage their customers, incoming Leads and manage their documents. It included the Customization on a vast scale. Challenges we faced for customization of SuiteCRM listed below:

  • Upgrade safe customization of theme for SuiteCRM,gave new look to SuiteCRM that matches with their official site .Needed a responsive theme.
  • Integrate their current system with SuiteCRM,Creation Of Agents, Customers and Contacts though API .
  • Attach 5-6 documents with users at the time of creation which we need to customize on the fly according to particular user.
  • Creation of user vault in SuiteCRM.User vault is a space where documents of users and customers can be managed. From here user also can share their documents with customers in SuiteCRM as well as in their existing application .
  • Integrate Azure API with SuiteCRM for storing documents in Azure. We need to store documents in azure according to agents and their customers.
  • Set roles and Teams so that user can see data according to their purchased plan.
  • Real time event capturing from their existing application.

Solutions :

We customized SuiteCRM theme & made it responsive, according to their requirement which was a very complicated task. Integrated their existing application with SuiteCRM. Integrate Azure with SuiteCRM to store documents of users and customers. It includes dynamic creations of folders of their agents and customers and store documents inside it respectively. Set Roles and Teams for agents so that they were able to see data according to their purchased plan.

We modified their PDF documents on the fly &customized it as per user. So that every time a new user (agent ) is created in system(through API) automatically number of documents attached with it , which belongs to that user only. For users vault we created a custom Dashlet in home page from where an agent can see all the documents(include agent himself, customers, Leads, Contacts). From here agent can share his documents to his particular customers also. On sharing documents,it-attached to customer sub-panel in SuiteCRM and also make it visible to their customers in their existing application using API.

We created a number of cronjobs for automatically creating agents, customers and leads in the system & for capturing real time events of their existing application.

Technologies: SuiteCRM, Azure , CSS, Bootstrap

Result: With Customized theme ,SuiteCRM look and feel totally changed. SuiteCRM was working as a fully automated system synchronized with their existing application.