Everyone knows CRM data migration is not an easy task especially in terms of CRM. However, Techesperto Suite Customer Relationship Management software migration services provide easy and accurate solution for your existing CRM to SuiteCRM migration.

It is a service that works via its sources to provide you a clear picture of your sales and improve your marketing game. Businesses are using it to take their customer service to the next level. It is the best rated CRM software to use and that’s why the users who have been using other software have been turning towards SuiteCRM sooner or later. Thus there has been a need for CRM data migration services more now than ever.


Now you may ask, why should you switch to SuiteCRM if you already have software for customer relationship management like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Goldmine, SugarCRM. The answer is very obvious – you get all of the features and benefits plus added efficiency and all at much, much reduced prices. This helps you cut unnecessary money you have been spending. Our organization offers cost- effective CRM migration services.

Our data migration experts are helping and supporting more and more establishments to migrate from their usual inefficient software to SuiteCRM. Our CRM Data migration solutions enable you to go through the entire process painlessly in a manner that will cater to the needs of your organization specifically.

The CRM data transfer services could be a tricky thing because not only does it have all of your business data like – contacts, users, leads etc. but also important reports and growth charts.

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SugarCRM CE to SuiteCRM Migration Services

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SugarCRM Pro to SuiteCRM Migration Services

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Act to SuiteCRM Migration Services

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Goldmine to SuiteCRM Migration Services

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Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration Services

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Microsoft Dynamics to SuiteCRM Migration Services

SuiteCRM data migration is something that must be handled delicately right from data extraction to data transfer to retrieval. It is therefore essential to make sure to have expert supervision on the entire process. We have a team of professionals that are well trained to handle the software from the get go. You can get in touch with us at any point of the migration process and we will make sure that you receive assistance accordingly for sure.

As far as the response is concerned, we respond to any queries in record time. Our professionals make sure that the data related concerns are answered in a simple way. People tend to fret when it comes to CRM data transfer services due to the complexity but once it is completed, it alleviates your entire CRM experience with the help of SuiteCRM software.

CRM Migration approach

SuiteCRM Migration Approach

Since no migration is exactly same as another, SuiteCRM migration approach includes effective blend of the following processes:

  • Detailed Examination and understanding of the existing applications and data
  • Identify and document all data and functionalities to be migrated
  • Data cleaning
  • Configure, customize, and build additional functionality (if any)
  • Write custom migration Scripts and/or use ETL tool as appropriate
  • Initial import
  • Test and refine the imported data and functionalities developed.
  • Validation by the customer
  • Customer sign-off on the test migration
  • Execute migration on latest production copies of databases (Final Import)
  • Test, validate and acceptance sign-off
  • Production Deployment
  • Post Go-live support

The benefits of using our services are not only limited to this aspects but it also gives you the possession and take full charge of your data and hence your business propaganda. Our services facilitate the SuiteCRM data migration so that it is smooth as well as saves time. The time that it takes to transfer data via migration is also the times where you will be unable to use this data so we make sure that the processing time is short lived and lag free.

Our representatives coordinate the entire process with you so that you know exactly when and what is happening with the data transfer and you are equally involved and in charge.