What is SuiteASSURED

As effectively settled, SuiteASSURED is an open-source CRM, in any case, it additionally checks all the crates in the security prerequisites division. It is kept separate from its open source partner, as in there is a committed SuiteCRM group that keeps up and deals with this item, keeping it better than average from its open-source partner. There are licensed innovation guarantees just as ensured protections related with this product.

What You Get With SuiteASSURED

  • The opportunities, quality and development of open source.
  • The security, guarantees, and repayments of exclusive programming.
  • Client and specialized help, preparing, counseling and custom advancement.

Notable Features Of SuiteASSURED

  • Various modules (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, and so forth)
  • No test code
  • Level 3 Support
  • Quality, Freedoms and Innovations of open-source CRM systems
  • Assurance and Guarantees of exclusive programming

SuiteASSURED Comparison With SuiteCRM

SuiteASSURED is independently kept up from SuiteCRM. In spite of the fact that they share a similar center codebase, a portion of SuiteCRM’s highlights recognized as inadequately develop or test are expelled. SuiteASSURED additionally experiences separate inner and outsider security and entrance testing. SuiteASSURED has explicit ensures, guarantees and repayments incorporated that are not accessible to SuiteCRM clients.

SuiteCRM clients will profit by SuiteASSURED in significant manners. Any imperfections distinguished during outsider entrance and security testing of SuiteASSURED will be up spilled to SuiteCRM. The extra incomes from SuiteASSURED will empower the venture to grow more and improved code which will all be discharged to the network in SuiteCRM.

SuiteASSURED Support

Your number of SuiteASSURED users not only determine the price, yet in addition the absolute number of care hours gave that you can use to help highlights related with SuiteASSURED. These help highlights incorporate L3 support, preparing, conference just as custom improvement, with all help administrations being given by SalesAgility. Besides, assets are accessible online which can help unravel different questions corresponding to SuiteASSURED. Want to know more

How to get SuiteASSURED?

Techesperto can help you in buying and executing SuiteASSURED. Techesperto has immense involvement with
SuiteCRM Customization, Integration, Migration and Support. Our group of CRM specialists have significant involvement with SuiteCRM,
having offered types of assistance to customers around the world.

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