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One of the oldest and biggest publication houses in India.


Client wanted to design and develop a single system to manage Order, Invoice and Contract management processes for both Print Media and Digital Media marketing services. Since the sets of parameters of Print and Digital Media services are majorly different, it was a challenge to design a system that dynamically generates forms and features based on the selection of Media Marketing Platform i.e. Print, Digital or a combination of both.


We designed, developed and implemented a customized SuiteCRM based solution to automate their Order, Invoice and Contract management processes. The solutions offered a single window to create Orders for Print Media, Digital Media or Services from both of them in one order. Similar options got available for Invoices as well as Contracts. To meet the services related to Digital Media business, Taction Software had to develop a very tight integration with Google AdWords‎ through Google Adwords APIs.




The solution helped the client in improving their sales and subscription management processes through a single system and common interfaces for both the domains of their service offerings. It also enabled the client in supporting their end customers with better keywords relevant to their respective industries along with customized dashboards to track the performance of the campaigns and keywords.

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