Best Way to Increase Transparency in Nonprofit Organisations

Nonprofit organizations are entities which are involved in social causes in fields like education, religion, scientific research, social work, etc. These organizations use the surplus earned in revenue to further invest in their cause thereby not paying dividends to its investors or shareholders. The money earned is invested right back into the organization for better and wider delivery of benefits to the public at large.

The nonprofit organizations for all intent and purposes are focused on furthering their cause of helping the public at large in their respective fields and are not run for earning a profit. The major focus is on serving the public and it is to the public at large, the recipients,  the volunteers, the donors, etc. Who invest their time money and faith into the organization hoping to do some good for the community and the society at large.

Trust has to be earned

One of the biggest issues in a nonprofit organization is the problem of maintaining transparency. As a nonprofit organization, it is the public goodwill and trust that matters the most. The amount of confidence public and the community at large has in a nonprofit organization speaks tons about the credibility of the organization.

The higher the ethical standards and practices of the nonprofit organization, the higher is the trust of the society, the investors, partners, volunteers and funders of the organization making it easier for the organization to function and to increase its scope and area of influence.

Transparency of operations is the easiest and most direct way of earning the trust of the public, investors and the volunteers. All the parties with interests in a nonprofit organization are looking forward to working towards a common goal of furthering a public interest. All these parties work for and with the nonprofit organization as a means to help the needy without expecting anything in return.

As such nonprofit organizations are actively looking for ways to increase the transparency of their operations and bring in new technologies to help them pursue the cause of increasing transparency to gain public trust and goodwill.

Adopting Trending Technologies:

Modern technologies and software are on the rise because of the ease of operation and convenience they provide. Modern-day software has allowed businesses to increase the efficiency and transparency of their operations exponentially and nonprofit organizations are adapting similar technologies to reduce redundancy and increase the efficiency of operations. Trending technologies allow organizations to keep in pace with modern technology and practices which allows them to work more efficiently directly leading to an increase in productivity.

These technologies allow for far easier management and operational mechanism for the nonprofit organization making it easier for the organization to function and complete its intended objective. This modern software allows the organization to maintain almost all of its aspects and gives a detailed overview of the organization in one place.

1: Membership Management Software

ngo membership

Nonprofit organization membership management software allows nonprofit organizations to effectively oversee and micromanage their membership programs.

A membership management software allows nonprofit organizations to keep an active record of their current members, their membership details, related personal information which can be retrieved, edited instantly. The membership records allow organizations to keep a track of beneficiaries, contributors and the quantifiable amount of benefits or contributions they have amassed or taken.

Members can avail benefits and the software keeps a track of the past membership records of all members to allow the management to have an overview of any particular member at any point of time allowing them to have a better understanding and analysis of the members. It allows the organization to create operational strategies and models based on member behavior allowing them to make their operations much more streamlined and efficient.

The nonprofit organization membership management software allows the management to identify patterns and possible issues and deal with the problems before they affect the operations of the organization in a major way.

The management software makes it easier to see where and how much benefits are being given and makes the operations and processes of the organization much more transparent as one can actively scrutinize the operations of the organization and where and how the organization is focusing its efforts and resources.

2: Donor Management Software

donor managementDonor management software is one of the top CRM for a nonprofit organization. A donor management software allows nonprofit organizations to keep a track of all their donors and their respective donations and also allows them to identify repeat donors and their overall and chronological donations.

It makes it much easier to keep a track of the finances of the organization. It allows the organization to track their past income through donation and make predictions with regards to future revenue generation and income from a donation.

Such projections and numbers allow the management to effectively create future plans of the nonprofit organization and create a road-map for the future.

The donor management software keeps a list of all registered donors and allows the organization to know future donation prospects. It allows the organizations to keep in touch with their past and present donors and build personal relationships which would bring these donors back to the organisation.

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A top CRM for non-profit organization allows organizations to project their future growth in donations received making it easier to create investment plans which would increase the operational efficiency and results of the nonprofit organisation.

It makes the finances of the non-profit organization much more transparent as one can clearly identify the sources of income and verify the authenticity of the sources. It marks a great step towards a more transparent system of finances and accountability on part of the nonprofit organization.

3 Real-Time Updates (Using Cloud Technology)

cloud technology

Cloud technology and cloud computing have made it much more convenient and easier for an organization to work in real-time with little infrastructural costs. Instead of investing in a separate network system for all its offices, the organization can invest in a central cloud system which serves as a central system for all the employees, members, beneficiaries and others related to the organization.

The cloud system makes it easier for people to work while traveling or while in different geographical locations in the same system and the same network.

Cloud technology allows the work progress to be monitored in real-time making it easier to find out a stipulated time for the completion of a project much easier further easing the job planning ahead.

The ability to work on the same network and project despite being in different locations makes work much more efficient.

Real-time updates are the biggest feature of cloud technology as it makes keeping up with the work in real-time and monitoring progress as it happens much easier allowing the organization to plan ahead and reduce the buffer period between 2 consecutive tasks as it can be stipulated when will a task be finished and hence the preparations for the next task can be completed on time exponentially increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Establish Core Values

core value

It is important for every organization to have a core set of values which it relies upon to guide the organization and its members. It is thus important to outline and establish the core values of the nonprofit organization.

Values of social and public service, social responsibility, honesty, ethical business practices, and transparency have to be intertwined into the core rules of the organization to make the organization a much more transparent and better place.


Management software make it easier for the organization to implement these values into the very heart of the organization. These core values can be ingrained within the business processes and operations of the organization making sure that the employees all adhere to the core principles and values of the organization.

Makes Compliance Easier

A custom fundraising software development takes time but after it is put to use it makes compliance to various statutory obligations much easier for the organization. It allows the organization to keep a track of the funds raised and ensure that all the regulations and applicable rules and laws are being followed without any discrepancy.

Legal Status, Governance and Management arrangements

legal asset

One of the best event management software for the nonprofit organization allows the nonprofit organizations to improve the governance of their operations and makes management much easier as arrangements can be made with just a few clicks.

The software makes the legal status of the organization clear and allows the organizations to steer clear of any unlawful activity which may negatively affect the reputation of the organization.

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These software are legal and gives the organization the edge for increasing their performance, their compliance and compatibility making it much easier to function in a transparent way and keep contributing to the society and the nation.

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