suitecrm free theme


SuiteCRM free theme


Original interface of the open source SuiteCRM has been personalized by our experienced developers, and it feels even more suitable for your business.

Download ‘TechBlue SuiteCRM free Theme’ It’s 100% FREE, forever.


Key Features of TechBlue SuiteCRM Theme

With the help of our free SuiteCRM theme add-ons, user can easily navigate from one to another modules. There are following key features of our theme.

  • 100% free
  • Responsive login page.
  • Clean designed Dashlets.

How to Install SuiteCRM Theme Plugin (Tech Blue)?

1. Upload Suite CRM Theme:

Go to Admin>Module Loader and upload ‘Theme plugin(TechBlue)’ zip file.

suitecrm module loader


2. Install Theme:

Once uploaded, click on Install and follow the and wait.

install theme



3. installed successfully

theme installed successfully

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