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Top Add-ons Features that can Empower the CRM performance

It would be evident to mention that as a manager, CEO or business owner, you might have attended an array of meetings to help your company understand the best approach to acquire & manage the leads, contacts and customers. What started initially as a simple phone call relationship with your customer has evolved into a more sophisticated customer relationship management software (CRM). To keep a track of the interactions with customers, contacts, contributors and constituents, an organization would definitely find a CRM handy. Here we are discussing about how do you can increase the CRM performance?

The CRM system holds customer data which empowers marketing, sales as well as customer service teams to optimize their operations and better understand the customer.

As a matter of fact, a dedicated CRM software is as good as the data it receives. Organizations out there often fail to integrate their website & portal with their Client management system. Companies generally don’t realise the benefits of integrating with the website. To understand integration, one should first know the exact roles of these systems in a company.

Customer relationship management systems are no doubt, a valuable asset for any business around the globe. The data which these systems have is the most valuable as this data helps in the creation of a single customer view via CRM integration. You can only create a single customer view if your management system is fully integrated with the organization’s entire tech stack.

(1) Integrated CRM system:

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In simpler terms, when you combine your website with that of your CRM system to make them work seamlessly, that’s CRM integration. Rather than just limiting your system’s potential to only store the customer information, you can boost the performance by integrating your website with the system.

Hence, rather than doing the manual entries, this integrated automation can bring valuable customer data straight away to your CRM system. Talking about the potential of integrated dashboard customization & system, one of the biggest benefits here is:

Centralization of Contacts and Accounts:

Each and every business technology that you’ve installed often stores and maintains account information about the customers. When you integrate the CRM with your website and other techs, you can see all the details in one location. Thus, you can save big time on data entry as well as the reduction of data duplication can be achieved. Maintaining one centralized collection is easy rather than doing it in fragments, custom module development can be a great pick for you.

(2) Customized CRM Themes:

SuiteCRM free theme

At times, your employees day starts with logging into the company’s CRM software. Now, default CRM software doesn’t focus much on customization. Your employees might not feel connected to the software while performing the operations. When it comes to keeping them engaged as well as productive, it’s highly crucial to make Customer management software appealing and attractive. You can associate with Techesperto if you wish to get a responsive theme for free. Brand identity plays a crucial role in and out of the business.

(3)CRM Custom Modules:

suitecrm workflow

If you want to unlock your access to modules such as contacts, leads and accounts, all in the same place, you can download SuiteCRM easily.

One can also utilize the same for SuiteCRM email marketing integration, thus, we can help you build system modules that are specifically built for your organization.

The custom dashboards can be pretty helpful when we talk about providing useful insights while catering to crucial tasks.

If you’re looking forward to getting custom dashboards for your SuiteCRM, get in touch with us, today!



Add-on features and customizations associated with SuiteCRM can help your organization to automate tasks and further reduce manual work.

As soon as a lead status is changed, easily trigger an email to the sales rep. Out of the box, CRM can never fully satisfy the diverse needs of organizations, few alternations, as well as customizations, can boost your CRM to cater to the company’s needs in a concise manner.


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