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Best Way To Write & Send B2B Leads Email Through CRM

As a matter of fact, if an email fails to create an impact and isn’t personal either, it’s broken. Emails have emerged as one of the most personal and potential advertising media amidst businesses. Marketers around the world have realized that their consumer receives a plethora of spam emails every day. People’s aversion to spam is making it difficult for companies to keep up with customer loyalty. Companies have started adding a personal touch to the emails being sent just to secure the attention of the user.

Today, how good are you at personalizing your emails can directly connect you with your customers. Receiving personalized emails can attract a customer towards the brand.

The receiver believes that the piece of text is specifically crafted for him/her. You can boost customer engagement as high as 74% by making use of targeted personalized texts.

Now, imagine a personalized email being sent to your B2B leads, you can do wonders by leveraging the power of personalization. Improve click-through rates by over 15% and boost conversion rates as high as 10% when you make use of personalized email messages.

Hey [Prospect],

Your salespeople seem to be struggling with acquiring new clients according to an informal survey I did. [Name A], [Name B], and [Name C] seem to all be struggling with acquiring or generating new clients or leads as you’ve grown the team. Specifically, they are struggling to initiate a dialogue with prospects like they used to.

Is it a priority for you to improve their ability to put new opportunities in the funnel?


[Your name]


Let’s talk about the Best ways to write, personalize and send emails to your B2B leads:

1. Subject Line Matters:


It is of utmost importance to keep the subject line of the emails contextual in nature. Well, you can improve your email open rates by a whopping 26%. One should understand the fact that your B2B leads get tons of emails in a day and they certainly don’t appreciate generalized subject lines.

Staying out of the box and keeping an upper-edge over your competitors is possible if you keep subject line contextual. For instance, if you’re offering a free trial or discount, try not to be spammy about it.

Key features of google Email Subject Line:

  • Keep Your Subject Lines Short.
  • Do not Make Promises, You Can’t fulfill.
  • Add Feeling or emotions in subject line.

Example of B2B Leads Email Subject Lines:

  • Increase Your Business ROI by 30%, Guaranteed
  • Free Webinar: [your webinar name]

2. Asking The Right Questions:

ask questions

It’s highly advised to write an email which is succinct and encompass a straightforward appeal. If you’re looking forward to keeping your lead’s attention, then you have to be discreet with your approach.

For instance, if you’re approaching a lead because they visited your site, you can point a question something like “You visited us, did you like the product A or B?”. It’s advised to list your essential offerings under pointers and further, it can be beneficial to highlight those offerings that can generate interest of leads further.

3. Easy To Interpret:

What comes as a noting fact is that over 60% of the emails sent are opened on smartphones and tablets. Now, it can be said that emails you send might look impressive on PCs but the same can’t be said for mobile devices. Marketers should tailor their emails in such a fashion that the texts, images, pointers, literally everything is scalable.

It’s advised to not use much of graphics as it might occupy potential and limited space. Use lists, short paras, sub-headings, pointers and pick a not so fancy font. Format the email such that regardless of the PC or mobile user, your email should be quickly readable.

4. Don’t Forget To Incentivize:

You can try to keep your B2B leads hooked with solutions for action. Always remember that the email which you’re sending must not fail to create a sense of urgency.

If you’re looking forward to making people act then you should consider giving them the correct incentive. Offer them free consultations, organize networking events, boost capacity enrichment programs, organize conferences and offer them free advice. Why? Well, locate the missing pieces to build positive leads. In simpler terms, connect dots yourself for your leads.

5. Segment The Leads:

One should consider segmenting their leads on the basis of their time zones. Big enterprises around the world can leverage CRM software for the purpose. It’s not always necessary that you & your leads are always in the same time zone.

Businesses operate beyond boundaries. Customization is one thing, but sending the optimized email on the right time is also a key to convert leads into customers. You can easily trigger emails based the time zones of your leads, thus it’s possible to feature your email on the top when they open their mail.

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