SuiteCRM Asterisk Telephony Integration

SuiteCRM Asterisk integration

SuiteCRM integration to Asterisk provides Real-time call recording, analytics,  customer management, number look-ups and a number of other benefits that a standalone Asterisk cannot provide.

All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and available for any kind of further analysis SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration provides click to call, call logs, call history. This will provide complete Call Center telephony Solution.

As a summary, the solution included the following features:

● Incoming Call integration into SuiteCRM
● Outgoing Call integration from SuiteCRM
● Soft Phone Integration with Zoiper as the Soft Phone
● Call Recording saved in SuiteCRM
● Call Saving and auto creation of call notes as a historical record in SuiteCRM
● Automatic Lead Creation into the SuiteCRM
● Call Association with Leads, Account and Contacts
● Contact Center Automation

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